Wasteland 3

Unity, C#Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox One, PS4 I’ll write more about this project as details get released; needless to say I’m excited to be back at inXile working on this landmark title. Media

System Shock 3

Having played System Shock growing up, the opportunity to work with the fantastic team at OtherSide Austin had a big draw for me.

Underworld Ascendant

Engaged originally to provide audio integration development and support. Responsibilities quickly expanded to refactoring and owning numerous systems on the project, transitioning into a senior role supporting the team as needed on Underworld Ascendant.


After spending some time in the academic space, I quickly realized that there is an ever-growing problem with plagiarism and wholesale cheating in post-secondary educations. While spending some time teaching at Fleming College, I developed a small prototype that exponentially cut down on the amount of time I spent checking assignments for cheating.


A quick demonstration of the power of the Unreal Engine; highlighting specifically the quality that could easily be turned out in a short 32-hour period.


BashUbuntu One thing that stands out in my professional experience is the limited time that I spent in the academic space. Always wanting to give back to the community, it presented an opportunity to use my skillsets for good. While I was engaged to teach numerous courses, COMP237 – Operating System Theory stands out as […]


Developed an open-source animation toolset that stores and replays runtime data from Unity. Recording gameplay data, artists can output videos, images, MIDI and FBX (+animation) files for cinematographic uses.

PTBO Game Jam

Attempting to stimulate the local tech sector, I founded the PTBO Game Jam in July 2016. A not-for-profit event managed by industry professionals hosted in beautiful Peterborough Ontario, Canada.

CLion SourceCodeAccess

It is no coincidence that I started working on an integration for JetBrain’s CLion for Unreal Engine 4. After a long history of building tools for Unity, and ramping up my daily Unreal Engine use at this point, there was an identified need to build some cross-platform IDE support into it.

Torment: Tides of Numenera

Initially engaged to provide audio integration development and support. Responsibilities rapidly expanded to encompass narrative and UI based systems as well as providing additional engineering solutions as needed on Torment: Tides of Numenera.