Unity, C#Windows, macOS, Linux

After a few Unity-based projects, I had a wealth of helpful functionality built up that I shoved in an open source library, giving back to the community. I dubbed it Hydrogen. A primary element to making a great game. Admittedly, it is a bit out of date now after all these years, but people still seem to use it. One of those people back in 2013 was Lars Simkins, an ambitious technical artist with a dream. He pitched the idea as an updated Daggerfall. I had flashbacks to one of the most influential RPGs of my childhood.

Lars needed some help; his open world dreams were causing performance issues and needed some technical assistance. That is where Hydrogen’s threaded mesh combiner was born. It solved a complex problem and opened the door to further engineering support, including prototyping a multiplayer experience, on this project.

This project holds the special title of being the first RPG that I ever worked on. I still long to work on another large scale immersive RPG.

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By Matthew Davey