Did I miss something when talking about myself and my life as an indie game developer in Peterborough, Ontario? Probably. Therefore here is the round up of the questions I frequently get, and their answers. With the addition of a few extras for good measure. However, If I missed something, hit me up and I will make sure to get you a response.


There are very few topics off limits with me, I try to be an open book as best I can. So as promised here’s the highlights of the questions I’ve gotten about me as a person.

To be brutally honest, I didn’t want to spend too much time worrying about creating a site. I wanted to be able to just sit down and easily create content right from the start. WordPress gives anyone that option; which is precisely why I find it disheartening when people overcharge for services around it.

I would much rather use Jekyll or Hugo to create websites (this is how dotBunny and the PTBO Game Jam sites are powered) when I have the time. The performance and security benefits of those systems are substantial. However, for a personal blog, I’m more then OK just throwing some cash towards Automattic to handle all those problems for me.

Often on the stream, Dexter randomly can be seen flopping down on the dog bed behind me, or simply saying hello. Dexter is half Siberian Husky, half Eurasier. He is a super awesome dog, with a great temperament, who has an abundance of hair. Our family could not be happier with Dexter, he is an amazing addition to our family.

Absolutely! I often find myself assisting teams and individuals across a whole spectrum of industries.

While the team at dotBunny is predominantly focused on the creation of our own IP, we have to admit that the infusion of cash every now and then feels great.  Whether it is a couple hours, or a couple month engagement, reach out.

Indie Game Developer

There really is a theme on the site where I am driving home the idea of being an indie game developer. Although at times we do work on much larger titles, in my heart I am still an indie.

Sadly, probably not.

dotBunny is currently working on Dethol. Occasionally, some random experimental type games are toyed with which may or may not see the light of day. I also spend time working on the numerous free toolsets that we make available to the community.

PTBO Game Jam

One of the awesome things about the PTBO Game Jam is that I get to meet all sorts of awesome game developers. The community that surrounds the games industry is is just amazing.

That would be me. I will not pretend to be a professional in that space in any capacity. The event simply doesn’t have the resources to pay for that sort of work to be done, hence why I end up making it happen. There are some super talented people in that space, and their work just makes my jaw drop. When I do get stuck, I often bug those people for help.

When I first started the PTBO Game Jam, and was talking with different levels of government about funding they gave me some interesting advice. They indicated that I should formalize the event as a non-profit, and pay myself a salary. While still not something I want to do, because the idea of the PTBO Game Jam is still about giving back to the Peterborough community, it does make sense. While most of my volunteers estimate their hours outside of the event around 15-20 hours, I’m still conservatively putting in the 250+ hours per event. With the event aggressively positioning itself as a tech leader in the Peterborough community, that position comes with a significant cost of my time.

I still think its worth it, and will continue to donate my time.


I am always surprised and amazed by some of the awesome people in Peterborough. It really is a unique town, and there are some awesome gems tucked away below the surface here.

Happy Palace Chinese and Canadian Food, it’s on Brealey, across from the Fleming College entrance. This truly was a gem to find, and I highly recommend visiting if your interested in some great clean food. I have a friend that drives from Hamilton to have lunch/dinner there, oh, and visit me.

The “Loaded Canadian” from Gotta Havva Pizza. They are a local pizza chain that makes everything with quality ingredients, and what I can only assume is love, cause it just tastes so damn good.