While the main point of the stream is to cover the game development process. From time to time, it is nice to sit back and play some of the industries finer creations. Most game developers will confirm that when you start making games, playing them often loses the luster that it once had. The “let’s play” experience, with a developer, puts a different perspective on things.

A little over half the games I play, I tend to break their game mechanics within the first 2 hours of play. I endeavor to try and get past the smoke and mirrors and see what is hidden beneath. It is a curse and a blessing, depending on how you look at it. Let’s just say I’m great at finding and fixing bugs because of it, which in my line of work, is a great skillset to have. Sometimes, I play through scary games in pitch black, just to add to the atmosphere. There is something about those jump scare moments. There are so many great games out there to play, review, and digest, I simply cannot play them all.

I cannot not promise amazing gameplay, as after all, I am not a professional gamer. I am a professional game developer. There is a significant difference, despite what many parents seem to think. Typically, the gameplay streams occur outside of my normal streaming hours, or on weekends. Check out some of the links below to YouTube archives of games that have gone through the gauntlet.

YouTube Archive

The Hat_Trick - Let's Play Super Mario Odyssey

The Preythrough - Let's Play Prey