Hydrogen Framework

Bridging the gap between Great and AWESOME!

Unity, C#Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox360, PS3

Originally the codename for an internal 3D engine developed at dotBunny in late 2005. The ethos behind its design principles was easily ported over to the Unity game engine when the studio fully adopted the then young engine in early 2006. On July 24, 2013, the project was committed to GitHub as an open-source project, while the Unity Asset Store release came much later on October 10, 2013, due to the numerous restrictions placed on distributed packages by Unity.


  • Custom pre-loading audio stack Unity native implementation.
  • A developer console with bindable commands.
  • Multi-threaded runtime mesh combiner, moving a process intensive operation off the main thread.
  • Simplified JSON/INI serialization support.
  • Object pooling system used to prevent runtime hiccups, including web resource access.