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A Week Down The Rabbit Hole

It’s been just about a week since we started agressively working on our own game at dotBunny. While there are many roles too fill on the game, I got “dibs” on engineering lead. It’s great to be back in code every day, and furthermore its great to be working on something that truly is something I can call my own.

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Where Did You Hear That?

Technology has created a 24/7 production pipeline of information for consumption, where “news” outlets are in a constant battle to attract the attention of potential readers and are almost required to make sure that their titles catch the attention of any passerby.

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Finding The Time

As we go through life, so many people become hyper focused on money. This is where I am very blessed/lucky to have been working in tech from an early age, so I’ve seen it, been there, and wrote the novel to prove it. OK, maybe I haven’t written a novel, but I did have one in the works with Packt for a while, but ending up killing it because I didn’t feel the approach they wanted was best suited for teaching people how to use Unity.

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How People Matter

As I look at the “drafts” indicator on the backend of this site, it keeps taunting me with the giant 8 plastered beside it. It is not like I haven’t gotten some really great ideas and started writing things down, but I never managed to get any of those articles to the point where I was satisfied with them. I’m still leaving them there to go back to in the future and flush out further. That however highlighted a much more pressing point of “why are there 8, why can’t I just finish one”. The answer to that problem is much more interesting and what I thought I would write a little about.

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Return to Blogging

A while ago I cleared out my personal blog, and stripped all of the properties I controlled of their blogs. I found myself disappointed with the lack of updates and posts across all of the properties that I had access too. My solution was to consolidate and use social media as a form of ranting about random things.