My Career

I love what I do, so it never feels like work to me.


Client List

Over a long career, I have been fortunate to work with all sorts of remarkable people at a wide variety of companies spread across numerous different fields.

Project Showcase

A small collection of projects that I want to highlight (that I can talk about), be it for the technical challenges or just how awesome they were. Sometimes it’s nice to write down these good memories.


I try to keep my resume updated; it is but a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface. It is deceivingly hard to condense all the things I want to put into a one-page resume.


During the short time that I worked with Matt, I came to have the utmost respect for his programming abilities. He’s got a keen sense of the “right” solutions for his tasks as well as a strong desire to make sure that his team members are also getting the most out of the tools and pipelines that are in place. He has a strong desire to make sure that his teammates are working without large tools impediments. He is responsive and gets his work done quickly.

Mark Allender – Lead Programmer, OtherSide Entertainment

TLDR, Matt is a solid hire both personal and professional. Matthew is an extremely gifted and artist-friendly engineer.

A solutions-oriented professional that excels in bridging the various silos of game development. This mindset seems to describe his rather unique ability to adapt procedures to fit the needs of individual departments.

Although he was remote to our studio, his dynamic and warm personality made it seem like he was just down the hall.

Peter Anderson – Character Artist, OtherSide Entertainment

I had a really stand-out experience working with Matt. When someone is working remotely, it’s key to have them communicate often and be easily observably industrious. He tore through bugs extremely quickly, was an excellent communicator, and went the extra mile on multiple occasions. Would love to work with him again!

Joe Fielder – Game Director, OtherSide Entertainment

Matt Davey is hands down one of the most talented (and dedicated) engineers I have ever worked with, and I’ve worked with a lot! Matt joined my team as a contractor mid-way through the project, and almost overnight became the indispensable man. He immediately immersed himself in the code and dug deep to make major improvements from the get-go, and he never stopped. He was the “go-to” guy for anything that needed to get done quickly, reliably, and right the first time. I have to say that we simply could not have finished the game without him. Matt is a top tier generalist in the best sense and is able to work effectively on anything from UI, networking, systems, and gameplay to audio, graphics, optimizations, and tools. I don’t know if there is an engineer out there who knows Unity better than him, but he’s exceptional on any engine or platform. Most of all, Matt is a real pleasure to work with because he’s always fun-loving and upbeat, ridiculously hard-working, and able to find solutions to complex problems that others can’t touch. He clearly articulates issues and isn’t afraid to tell truth to power, but he’s a real team player and I relied heavily on his judgment, amazing work (and work ethic), and positive influence on the team.

Parker Davis – Executive Producer, OtherSide Entertainment

I worked with Matthew Davey for a few months at Otherside Entertainment. During this time I was transitioning to a new job and a new game development platform. Matthew was extremely helpful in bringing me up to speed with processes at Otherside and Unreal Engine 4. He showed himself to be patient and eager to help when called upon.

Gareth Cox – Senior AI Programmer, OtherSide Entertainment

Working with Matt, I was very impressed with his wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of game engines. Breaking down complicated concepts like draw calls and fill rates, Matt was able to concisely explain to us where our performance problems were and exactly what we needed to do to address them. When our studio made him lead engineer on a new project, I couldn’t have thought of a better candidate. When he does something, Matt takes the extra step to make sure it’s done right.

Jared Mitchell – Senior QA, OtherSide Entertainment

Matthew is an accomplished systems architect with an incredible depth of experience across many sectors. It has always been a pleasure to work with Matthew, and I look forward to working again with him on future ventures.

Alex Reidiboim – Lead Solutions Architect, Ontario Telemedicine Network

Matt is the most knowledgeable engineer I know with Unity and I know quite a few. He is also highly skilled with Unreal. After having worked on several non-commercial and a two years dev cycle shipped product I can unequivocally recommend him for any engineering game work. His passion also extends to founding and running a full-fledged Game Jam program. Hope to work together on another project as soon as possible.

Alexander Brandon – President, Funky Rustic