A Week Down The Rabbit Hole

It’s been just about a week since we started agressively working on our own game at dotBunny. While there are many roles too fill on the game, I got “dibs” on engineering lead. It’s great to be back in code every day, and furthermore its great to be working on something that truly is something I can call my own.

The Preythrough

When Prey was released it brought back memories of the last reboot which I got sucked into, but as I began to watch the trailers I was quick to realize that this was something different, something more, something special.

Where Did You Hear That?

Technology has created a 24/7 production pipeline of information for consumption, where “news” outlets are in a constant battle to attract the attention of potential readers and are almost required to make sure that their titles catch the attention of any passerby.

Finding The Time

As we go through life, so many people become hyper focused on money. This is where I am very blessed/lucky to have been working in tech from an early age, so I’ve seen it, been there, and wrote the novel to prove it. OK, maybe I haven’t written a novel, but I did have one in the works with Packt for a while, but ending up killing it because I didn’t feel the approach they wanted was best suited for teaching people how to use Unity.

DevLog #001 – Refamiliarization

A second day on evaluating engines and being pretty sure about moving development of our internal project over to Unreal (Unreal Engine 4). That about sums up the day really, I am feeling more and more confident in taking the risk of switching development of Dethol over.

How People Matter

As I look at the “drafts” indicator on the backend of this site, it keeps taunting me with the giant 8 plastered beside it. It is not like I haven’t gotten some really great ideas and started writing things down, but I never managed to get any of those articles to the point where I was satisfied with them. I’m still leaving them there to go back to in the future and flush out further. That however highlighted a much more pressing point of “why are there 8, why can’t I just finish one”. The answer to that problem is much more interesting and what I thought I would write a little about.

Return to Blogging

A while ago I cleared out my personal blog, and stripped all of the properties I controlled of their blogs. I found myself disappointed with the lack of updates and posts across all of the properties that I had access too. My solution was to consolidate and use social media as a form of ranting about random things.