Getting In Touch

That time at PTBO Game Jam 02 …

Is there something that you would like to ask me? Send me a quick little email to get the ball rolling. I assure you that it won’t hurt. I will even try to respond politely within 12 hours. If you are local to Peterborough; I am always open to meeting for coffee, especially if you’re a game developer! I will move heaven and earth to hang out with other game developers.

If you have ever found yourself blacklisted by email providers, your email will most likely be flagged as spam by my filters. The best way to proceed is to use the contact form below. After having a presence on the internet for so long, you can only begin to imagine the number of spam emails I get in a day. Thus, my email gets heavily filtered and sorted.

Contact Methods

If this is about the PTBO Game Jam, please have a quick look at its contact information. Please make sure that contacting me is the appropriate avenue. The same goes for a dotBunny-related touchpoint; its contact information is here. It is an inherent problem of having so many web properties; they all come with different methods of contact.

If you want to reach out on social media, by all means, I’m relatively active these days and quick to respond. In the footer of this site and the header (not on mobile), there are links to some of the social media sites I frequent.

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