Developed an open-source animation toolset that stores and replays runtime data from Unity. Recording gameplay data, artists can output videos, images, MIDI and FBX (+animation) files for cinematographic uses.

Unity, C#, C, C++Windows, macOS

When Dan Gies first called me to discuss creating a toolset that would empower animators to make cool things, I started dreaming big immediately. It took a couple of years to get the funding set up and to plan out the process, but once we got started, nothing could stop us. Heavily backed by the Canadian Media Fund, the research and development side of the project was praised and the decision to open-source the technology a natural step.

Development stopped when Unity started creating their Timeline system.


  • Managed and lead a remote team of developers that never missed a deadline.
  • Solved tough FBX animation export issues.
  • File template dataset was able to be manipulated to encompass almost any data type and be able to export it into any target format.