Finding The Time


As we go through life, so many people become hyper-focused on money. This is where I am very blessed/lucky to have worked in tech from an early age. So I’ve seen it, been there, and wrote the novel to prove it. OK, maybe I haven’t written a novel, but I did have one in the works with Packt for a while.  I ended up killing it because I didn’t feel the approach they wanted was best suited for teaching people how to use Unity. (I’ll save that story for another day – Hi David!)

For as long as I can remember, my father has always said “It’s gotta come from somewhere”, and that really sums up my core beliefs when it comes to allocating my time. I start with the most important, “what commitments do I have with my son”, I then move to my partner, “what commitments do I have with her”, I then shift to my work, “what commitments do I have for work”, etc. Always making sure that you have your priorities correct when deciding what to do with your time is important. There are always fires that jump the line, but in general, it is a good way to break down things. So why the preaching?

I am an idiot!

That picture, that’s me, talking at the start of PTBO Game Jam 02. It’s like a second child of mine now – where I try to make the best decisions possible for it, protect it from the “bad world”, and proudly watch it grow. So why am I an idiot (despite my atrocious spelling)? Just when things were starting to calm down I go and decide to start that behemoth of a time-eater. I’ve built a fantastic team to support running the events, but it still sucks endless amounts of time. Add to that the wish to make our own game at dotBunny, and all the open-source projects we have there. Eeeep!

Time Management?

I think cloning really is my only solution to this little rant but is the world ready for more of me?

Time is worth more than money, in the end, we always wish we had more time.

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