The Preythrough


When Prey hit the market it brought back memories of the last reboot which I got sucked into. As I began to watch the trailers I was quick to realize that this was something different. There was something more, something special to it. I’m not like your average reviewer that is going to play the game and look at a set of metrics and score it so. Working in the industry, I play games for the collective experience. I look at the immersion, and to what my fellow game developers are creating.

Enter the Prey-through

With well over 35 hours of playtime in Prey, I strived to really explore the environments. To cover as much of the experience as the designers had labored to create as possible. What stands out the most, still, is the mimics. They presented some of the best enemy design I have experienced in some time. Quite a few reviewers complained about the amount of jump scares in the game, but I found that those scares were only a couple of times targeted (and they got me too!) but outside of that they were not overly abundant; quite possibly only situational if you didn’t check for mimics.

The story took twists which I did not expect, and the conclusion I found was satisfying and left me wanting more.


Highly Recommended – Congratulations Arkane Studios on creating such a masterpiece.

I managed to stream the entirety of my gameplay experience over on Twitch, and extracted all their archived videos and put it up on YouTube for posterity.

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