One thing that stands out in my professional experience is the limited time that I spent in the academic space. Always wanting to give back to the community, it presented an opportunity to use my skillsets for good. While I was engaged to teach numerous courses, COMP237 – Operating System Theory stands out as the most meaningful experience.

The administration quickly realized that my skillsets would allow me to update the dated (the late 90s) curriculum to something more relevant to today’s standards. I went to work consulting with a vast network of interdisciplinary colleagues asking about what their experiences in the area were, and what they would be looking for from new hires. After compiling an exhaustive list of traits, I began to map out a curriculum which abided by the provincial mandates as well as encompassed actual skills of use.

I will never forget the joy I had watching the light bulb moments occur for students. I am proud to have been part of their academic journey and wish only the best for them in their future ambitions.


  • Designed a modern curriculum for virtualization and operating system theory courses.
  • Built strategic relationships in the community for possible student placement opportunities.
  • Collaborated with LDS team to produce highly engaging material with proven methodologies of reinforcement.
  • Students praised material as having taught them more in one exercise than their previous 2+ years at the college.