One Small Step


As I approached the qualification line for becoming a Twitch Affiliate, I started keeping the dashboard up while I streamed. I had assumed that there might be some sort of fireworks or announcement when I surpassed the magic checkpoint.

There was nothing.

As that point came and past, I had forgotten about the hype leading up to it. I had just got settled into doing what I do best, creating!

Then, it happened.

Hello Twitch Affiliate!
Twitch Affiliate Notice

It was a sweet little nugget of goodness in what had been a month hard knocks against my overall plans. To all those that have supported the channel in getting here, thank you so much. From the place where my heart should be but is instead filled with an IOU note, thank you. This idea is grassroots and very high risk, but I truly believe it is worthwhile. Thankfully, so do some other very awesome people.

The stream was added recently to, which has definitely helped with some exposure. Let’s also not forget all those awesome people that auto-host the stream as well, that still puts a smile on my face.

So the raw numbers for the month.

July 2017 Twitch Stats

July 2017 - Twitch Stats

So things are definitely on the rise! Which is extremely encouraging; but you know what is even more encouraging …

I got my first donation!

It came out of the blue and caught me off guard, but wow did it ever make me take a step back and appreciate what had just happened.

So what is next? I’m still not even sure; I’m going to keep working on Dethol, on stream and off, and also look at providing different resources based on things I’m doing on the stream. Part of that is most likely going to find its way as a tutorial series, and file resources hosted on this site. I’m not exactly sure what that looks like right now, but I think I’m going to start with a tutorial on how to create rocket builds in Unreal Engine (the packaged builds) from the source. There really isn’t a lot of current documentation about the process; so that could be a great resource for people.

Keep on being awesome!

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