Nobody Said It Was Easy


The progress on Dethol has been simply amazing. I cannot even begin to explain how rewarding this last month has been for me personally and professionally. The fact that I’m working on something of my own has me reminiscing about what it felt like when I started in the industry. When someone asks me on stream what I am doing, I am overly excited to talk about it. Showing where we are at and what are some of our current roadblocks is rewarding in itself.


As June starts to wind down, I started to analyze the month, and it’s sprint.

June 2017 Dethol Progress

While I’m the only one left with anything outstanding (what?); I’m confident that the last task is going to get done on time. One thing that this sprint has suggested is that we do actually need to use the time estimates in JIRA more. Being that we are bootstrapping, we need to make sure we are using our time effectively. Either way, we accomplished a lot this first month, especially at this “building the boilerplate” stage of development.

  • A documentation generation pattern, making UE compatible with Doxygen.
  • Modular generator and filter system allowing for the random and customizable generation of content.
  • Optimized Delaunay Triangulation and Voronoi Diagrams (Centroid Based).
  • A Threaded task management system with thread-safe job reporting.

It might not look impressive, but I can assure you building these systems and doing it right will become clear quite quickly as we move into our next sprint.

What about the stream?

As for Twitch streaming, it has grown slowly – 32 followers slow. Everything that I’ve read suggests that game development doesn’t see the viewers and growth that game playing does, which makes sense given the demographics of who are the typical patrons of Twitch, but either way I’m not going to let that discourage me. I’ve also been getting to play with Go, to make a stream assistant bot.

Below is the month in review, the average viewer count definitely is starting to go up as I start to stream more regularly and develop a community. One thing to note, I already have seen some awesome followers that pop on the stream to talk, and some that are hosting my stream on their channels as well. The fact that ANYONE is watching me work on Dethol energizes me to plan the next stream out, and even do late-night streams. Think about it, someone is taking time out of their day and finding some form of education and/or entertainment is something I’m passionate about. It’s AWESOME!

June 2017

Realistically, it will be a long time before I see any sort of Affiliate or Partner status with Twitch. It was never something I was counting on. There were “dreams” and moments where I thought it would be cool. It’s not likely to pan out any time soon though. The fixed schedule streaming really is about blocking time with my family. Everyone knows what I’m doing, and I can say “YES! I am going to work on Dethol for this block of time, awesome”. With my son being out of school, and summer starting to ramp up, it is good to block time for goals.

What’s the catch?

So you are probably thinking …

This seems really upbeat, whats the deal with the title of the article … is this some sort of click bait?

I started writing this post this past Thursday; it wasn’t the best of days. While progress has been steady on Dethol, we received word that dotBunny’s application to the OMDC Concept Development Fund for matched funding didn’t make the cut. It is not the news we wanted to hear. With the opportunity to get feedback on our application and reapply next round; that door is not closed yet.  We are simply too “green” when it comes to the funding process, which honestly, I see it as a selling point, it means we haven’t been milking the system.

So, ya… that wasn’t particularly fun to have to tell the team about. It does, however, reaffirm my decision to go ahead with Helium (that’s the core generation tech behind Dethol) ahead of funding approvals. We will still move forward, somehow!

I leave everyone with the ’90s engrained song that will be forever burned into the minds of my generation.

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