Recently, Epic announced that it would be offering a games store like Steam, but with a few key changes. Most notably a lack of a discussion forum. This was seen by most as a breath of fresh air, for the combination of anonymity and humanity has resulted in Steam becoming one of the most toxic retail markets available to developers. Going as far back as when I dumped Cloney on Steam, this...

PTBO Game Jam 04

As the PTBO Game Jam has grown, so have the complexities and logistics involved in putting on an event of it's size in Peterborough, Ontario. PTBO Game Jam 04 presented its own unique set of problems, and hard learned lessons.

PTBO Tech Amputation

My exit from the PTBO Tech Slack may have come as a surprise to some. Getting out a head of speculation, it's more about my own limit of bandwidth.

Where Did You Hear That?

Technology has created a 24/7 production pipeline of information for consumption, where "news" outlets are in a constant battle. Uber was a casualty of war.

Finding The Time

As we go through life many people become hyper focused on money. They forget the value of the thing we do not control, time.

Return to Blogging

My glorious return to having a blog and doing the blogging thing. Who will I offend? Who's bullshit will I call? This and more on the blog!