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A while ago I cleared out my personal blog, and stripped all the properties I controlled of their blogs. I found myself disappointed with the lack of updates I was making. My solution was to combine and use social media as a form of ranting about random things.

The problem with social media is all the different platforms, it is a jungle out there. The limits, the post sizes and all the points of engagement create a full-time job. While each platform works to improve the limitations (post size being a major one), it still seems more of an afterthought when it comes to being able to simply sit down and write something. I’ve missed my random posts about food, programming, running a business, or just calling out the stupidity of others, and hopefully, some other people have too …

Blog Power!

It’s coming back, more experienced and more jaded.

My new strategy is to use this presence as the focal point for me. Social media gets treated as random comments, that then tie back to the site. Twitter is the example of where I will post <150 character long thoughts. I have Instagram tied to the site to generate a collection of photos, which simultaneously gets sent to Facebook and Twitter as well. Automating this process has been a lifesaver when it comes to managing it all. I only have to think about two properties, and the rest is handled magically.


Over time I will try to add things to the site, as I see specific needs developing. A knowledge base would be something neat to add in the future. I have so much experience in the field that it could be valuable for someone else to be able to draw from the lessons I have learned. I like to say I attended the school of hard knocks when it comes to Game Development, self-taught trial by fire.

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