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Unreal Engine Refamiliarize

A second day on evaluating engines. Looking at Unreal Engine’s Signed Distance Field Shadows. It makes the decision easy.

Game Development

DevLog #001 – Refamiliarization

A second day on evaluating engines and being pretty sure about moving development of our internal project over to Unreal (Unreal Engine 4). That about sums up the day really, I am feeling more and more confident in taking the risk of switching development of Dethol over.


How People Matter

As I look at the “drafts” indicator on the backend of this site, it keeps taunting me with the giant 8 plastered beside it. It is not like I haven’t gotten some really great ideas and started writing things down, but I never managed to get any of those articles to the point where I was satisfied with them. I’m still leaving them there to go back to in the future and flush out further. That however highlighted a much more pressing point of “why are there 8, why can’t I just finish one”. The answer to that problem is much more interesting and what I thought I would write a little about.

General Rants

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A while ago I cleared out my personal blog, and stripped all of the properties I controlled of their blogs. I found myself disappointed with the lack of updates and posts across all of the properties that I had access too. My solution was to consolidate and use social media as a form of ranting about random things.